Levitio is a proven app helper for scout leaders.

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Levitio app is officially under the aegis of the European Scout Region (WOSM) and ready to be fully translated to your scout language.
As NSO, Contact us for more details or explore advantages for National Scout Organisations.

Save more than 30% of paperwork time. Invest extra 72 hours yearly on what's essential:*

#kids - Spend more time with your scouts.
#fun - Much less with boring paperwork.
#grow - Professionalize your troop.

For your peace of mind

GDPR compilant. Encrypted for data safety. Multi-role access based on authorisation (admin, leader, scout, parent), Synchronised.


All members information at a reach of a finger. Contacts. Attendance. Allergies. Badges. Reachable 24/7 for all leaders.

Saving 2,8 hours montly/leader*


Keep parents and scouts informed. Send emergency SMS and regular e-mails. Synchronise their calendars and your own web. Just from an app!

Saving 1,7 hours montly/leader*


Create your meetings and trips. Prepare the program, games and activities. Look for an inspiration. Even patrol leaders can do it.

Saving 2,8 hours montly/leader*

*Data based on user survey among 54 scout leaders (and currently users) across Czechia, August-September 2020.


Manage your scouts, better than a divination sphere.

Track attendance of your troop members. See statistics and export the attendance sheets.

Find out whether your scouts will go to a trip or not. Throught notifications. Automatically.

Keep all members information in your pocket. Contacts, allergies, notes.

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Communicate with parents as professional. Save time.

Send e-mails and SMSs to all parents or just those of scouts attending the trip. Incredible backup during emergencies.

Synchronise calendars of your scouts and parents based on planned meetings and trips.

Generate ever updated modern website. Included trip plan list and current trip detailed information.

Sounds good

Plan with your patrol leaders. Everything in sight.

Prepare your scout year as a list of meetings and trips. Accesible by you, scout and parents.

Let patrol leaders design activities for a meeting and consult with them anytime.

Plan counsels and suggest the topics.

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Let others talk:

When you have a camp of seven days, you generally spent twice as much time just planning it and than you spent another week after to evaluate reports and all the staff and then you do the communication splash before and evaluations after... I understand that this is certainly a reality.


Radu Stinge

WOSM Deputy Regional Director & Director of Educational Methods
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Advantages for NSOs

As managing NSO you may have dashbord over your troops and centers activity and we can cooperate on implementing specific features exclusively for you. The app would be in your scout language ready to help all of your scout leaders so they can focus on our mission: kids and creating a better world, not a complex paperwork.
Contact us for more details.

We are prepared to serve.


74 % of czech scout centers

are using the app. Czech scouting is progressive and one of the fastest growing.

570+ scout and youth troops

registered. Other youth organisations both in our country and outside asked us for permission to use.

1200+ scout and youth leaders

are liberated. Now they can invest more time into their scouts, families and free time.

14+ months of public beta testing

sharpened the tool and eliminated bugs. Easy and save to use. Constantly improving based on your thoughts.

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